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utes I am an ice pack freexcafe on the genital area for two minutes. once awhich quietly closed its cy device that was not even a minute inspection of the last 11 days. Even before he freexcafe could begin to recover from the ice pack to build and locked his KTB on him. When he complained in my key, I reminded him that I had promised to withdraw its normal cy device, but I never said I wanted to be free. I took his cock and all culture media device in the mouth. This was the first time I felt my mouth around his penis had more than two years. Needless to say, in a few seconds I was rewarded again with groans of agony from my chaste slave husband. After three or four minutes it took his cock from my mouth, tortured and asked him how he liked that. Of course, my response was an unfortunate series of demands. I put a condom on it to catch all the tracks and I said I wanted for dinner. Since there was dressed, I told him I was going to resign and stay put. , I reminded him timidly, some studies was that if Ithe fact that I could have gone a long time. (Although I would freexcafe not do that I know this really gets to him). Finally I said to him, his penis is too small and never a woman, and finally, it's been six years since the last time I was allowed. I said I was tired of Nine Inch strap that I can use if they want regular sex. ( I selected because it is exactly twice that hubbys 4. 5 inches when fully erect). Not surprisingly, I told him I want, and deserve a real man. Then, after obtaining the ankles to a spreader bar, I have good husband of age in the toe for freexcafe a nice dinner at a local restaurant. Two hours later, when I returned, I realized that a little pre-ejaculate in the condom. I told my husband what I had for dinner, and several guys who had the eye, but had returned home. I asked if he
Quotes as ready for treatment? He nodded yes. took his cock in hand and rubbed it until he was complaining of pain again. Then I put the ice and tape, he continued, paste it into the penis and testicles. Then I saw her perform at a show, the train in a pair of surgical gloves, syringes and some lubricant on it. Then, after the ice for ten minutes, and stood beside him and began to lubricate her ass and once he was able to comfortably push my finger into prostate massage continued firmly. I did this for about 15 minutes and was rewarded with half a glass full of brandy from his semen in the condom. I removed my finger and took off the gloves. Then she removed the gag and asked her how she felt the orgasm. "I have none. freexcafe " He said. I took the bag of ice and then the condom and showed it. "How could this happen, I do not feel anything. " Emptied the condom in a glass and put it in his mouth. "This dinner drink. " I said. He did not, but like the good freexcafe slave, he, he isanyway. " Drinking your own semen is necessary because once again get into your system and make it extra hot and will punish you to cum before his two years in prison is condemned because you took and you do not feel that still standing. KTB that locked in the rest of the night, though. " freexcafe So I let down and with the assurance that the Spread Eagle in bed, I got on the face and enjoyed fabulous five orgasms. Then he kissed me and hugged his side to sleep with my hand on his penis and tortured, while driving, after hearing my husband wanted to profess his undying love for me, I expressed the same feelings for him, was rewarded with moans of agony as his cock throbbed in my hand and KTB has fulfilled its task. I dreamed that night about how lucky I am to this beautiful, chaste people, suffering, as my husband, my servant, my slave, and be my lover.


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I was waiting for my husband, Richard, when he got home that afternoon. As soon as we walked through the door, I would have to strip all clothing except the red silk and lace panties adorned in their genitals has been jailed. As soon as her clothes were then carried him to the bathtub, where I expected a freexcafe nice warm bubble bath for me. He freexcafe had me in removing her clothes and went to kneel on the floor beside the tub and shower. As usual, this action was very exciting for both, but, of course, its gates of hell rubber device that prevented him from emotion. At the end of the bath was asking to remove the device, so I could at least have an erection. (He knows better than asking to be run, as is currently the seventh month of a period of two years of imprisonment for not orgasms). I said be patient, I will take as the unit of the night. I have not told that his KTB would be in place. After the bath, I had helpedt me during drying and combing my hair long and blonde and had to help me dress. That night freexcafe I had to support the implementation of your favorite blouse red silk, no bra - a pair of red thong panties, black sheer stockings with garters and a matching leather miniskirt and a good pair of 4 inch heel . Once dressed I told him it was time to end it. I took in the game room where they tied his arms and hooked to the ceiling. Then I took over his pants that are slightly wet your freexcafe drip up, the penis is closed. I wrapped the panties in the jaws of four inch penis and then locked him in the mouth. Then I knelt before him and started licking the exposed surfaces blocked the tail. This kind of teasing is agony for him because he can not get locked in the upright position, but the tail never stops trying. Her moans of agony, as usual, music to my ears. After applying this for about 10 min